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Wednesday Poll

Every Wednesday we will be doing a poll to see what is going on in your heads.

This week it’s pretty simple, if you could be a super hero for a day who would you be?

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My Saturday/Hall H Experience aka the Greatest Day of My Life (sorry Tracy)

Saturday was a true tale of the human condition.  A day that spoke much about what makes us different than the other life forms on this planet.  Day four was all about hope and perseverance.

I had two goals on my mind for Saturday.  I wanted to buy one of Blizzard SDCC exclusive toys (shadow illidan) and I wanted to go see the Marvel panel at 6:00pm.

9:45am Saturday July 20, 2013

I headed to the exhibit hall as soon as I could to get in line at the Blizzard booth.  I was delayed a good 15 minutes by the Hall H line crossing in front of our pathway to the convention center.  Upon arriving at their booth, I was told where the line formed and headed to see about 60 people already in line.  The wait for that was going to be a long time and based on what I heard about the Hall H lines, I figured I would cut my losses and just head to the line for the Marvel panel.

9:57am Saturday July 20, 2013

I got in line for Hall H.  I was in line with a few people who had been to the last few Marvel panels in Hall H and they were extremely optimistic about how short the line was this year.  So we began to play the waiting game.

11:13am Saturday July 20, 2013

We wait.  We hope.  We dream of marvelous announcements.  Thankfully, I found a chair that was discarded and I claim it as my own.  I will attend this panel.

1:34pm Saturday July 20, 2013

We continue to wait, hearing news of amazing announcement from other panels, we are all excited to hear what is to come from the Marvel team regarding the next slate of movies.

2:47pm Saturday July 20, 2013

I was starting to get a little nervous about getting in.  We don’t appear to be moving.

4:25pm Saturday July 20, 2013

The nerves are mounting as no one appears to be leaving the other panels in Hall H.  The more people leave, the more people are able to enter the hall.  Still, we have hope.

5:46pm Saturday July 20, 2013

A few people have left, but not nearly enough to make way for the people in front of us in the line.  We will persevere and make it into Hall H.  We have to.

6:02pm Saturday July 20, 2013

It is now clear that we are not going to get into Hall H.  8 hours.  I waited for 8 hours in line and didn’t get into the panel I wanted to.  I have experienced my first comic con fail.  I headed back to the hotel and checked out information online about the upcoming movies and I am extremely excited.

Even with all this being the case, this was easily still my favorite day of SDCC.  On the way to the exhibit hall at around 9:40am, it happened.  The one thing that had never fathomed actually occurring really happened.  I am honestly not the type of person to get star struck.  I met a few celebrities this year and it was always cool, but I was never at a loss for words with the interaction.

Then I met Joss Whedon.

I was transformed into the biggest fanboy in the world.  I wanted to play it cool and not ask for a picture or anything since he was just trying to leave the hotel, but I knew at the very least that I wanted to say something.

Should I just nod my head and say something like “sup” while we walk past each other?

Should I say something more sincere and heartfelt?

Play it cool Eugene, play it cool.

Oh crap, we are getting close to each other and he sees me staring at him.  It’s put up or throw up time.  Quick brain, do something.

“Hey Joss…sorry to interrupt you.”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan and you have inspired me to tell more stories.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Also, I love you.”

“Uhh, thanks man.”

Then I realized that we were both going to walk out of the same door before I stopped him, so, instead of following that interaction up with me trailing him outside, I pulled my phone out and started pretending like I was doing something while he left the hotel.

Playing it cool: mission accomplished.

Still though, I met Joss Whedon.

Joss. Freaking. Whedon.

It made standing in line for 8 hours with no pay off totally worth it.  I mean, I wish I had gotten into Hall H, but I can now honestly say that I have gotten to meet one of my role models.

Overall, my SDCC experience was really amazing.  I know I am going to do all that I can to make it out here next year too.  It is my hope to bring some more folks from Denton with me next year too so I can help them navigate the area, deal with feeling overwhelmed, and truly get their geek on at comic con.

Tips For Your Next Geeky Adventure

How to Walk in Crowded Con Space

In her book titled On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes, Alexandira Horowitz describes the art of walking in very crowded spaces.  She focused on crowded sidewalks in cities, but this is very applicable to walking in very crowded convention spaces too.  The wonderful thing about this is that it is based on actual research too.  It all boils down to three key ideas…avoidance, alignment, and attraction.


Funnily enough, I naturally did some of this when I was in San Diego this summer.

Yup, I am a natural.

  1. Avoid bumping into others (while staying comfortably close). What counts as “comfortably close” — an animal’s “personal” space — will vary by species; what is similar for all animals is that if you follow only this one rule, it forces you to attend and react to the behavior of those in your vicinity. And that is the essence of what is called swarm intelligence: everyone must make movements that are sensitive to everyone else.
  2. Follow whoever is in front of you. “Whoever” need not know where she is going: she may herself be following another. And so on and so on, until you reach the very head of the pack. Even there, the animal at the leading edge is neither leader nor sovereign. In flocks and schools, the role of leader is constantly changing hands. For only a moment will she determine the group’s direction.
  3. Keep up with those next to you. Everyone must speed or slow with attention to those around them. This seems like an impossible calculation, until you realize how little effort you have to pay to walk next to someone else down the street, never once considering how you will be able to keep at the same pace.

How do you get around the crazy crowded spaces of cons?