Thrifty & Thriving

Hello thrifters and future thrifters(I believe in you!),

I hope you have been enjoying “Make it Thrifty”. I will be putting a new spin on it by not only sharing my thrift adventures and favorite purchases but also sharing how to thrive in college. It’s my senior year at UNT and I’ve been through some things! Hopefully my advice will keep you thrifty and thriving.

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Prints Please

I’m pretty sure that extremely stylish aliens sprinkled fashion dust in all the thrift stores in Austin, Texas because the items I found are out of this world. I only visited two stores but I found wonders in both of them.

There is power in a good print. When I go thrift shopping my eye goes from crazy print to crazy print. I usually won’t pick up any thing that is a solid color unless its a color that stands out. If it’s not printed all over the garment. I like my clothes to have some sort of special detail. Whether it be cool buttons or something embroidered along the bottom of the garment.

Don’t be afraid of a crazy print! By crazy I just mean out of the norm. Anything can be taken down a notch by pairing it with a solid colored item. Like a patterned skirt with a solid colored top.  If you’re more daring have a little fun and pair prints with similar colors together.

Try a print! I double-dog dare you. Here are some of the goodies I found this weekend in Austin.



$4.99 Savers Austin, Texas

Skirt $2.99 Savers Austin, Texas

$2.99 Savers Austin, Texas

Shirt $1.99 Family Thrift

Shirt $1.99 Savers Austin, Texas

Denim Skirt $2.99

Men can Thrift too, in Case You Didn’t Know

Fashion is an art form. To be able to put an outfit together that makes the eyes wander and the brain wonder is a talent. Thrift shopping takes that art to a different level of creativity because the clothes found in a thrift store are usually from a different style era. John Autry, a freshman at the University of North Texas, is an artist. He has a great eye for fashion especially when it comes to thrift shopping.

Autry sees fashion a way to express himself without saying a word. He’s inspired by fashion leaders in hip hop such as Kanye West, and Wale. “It’s not that I strive to be different but it’s nice to have something on that nobody has,”he said with confidence as he glanced at his thrifted t-shirt. Autry is attracted to 90s and late 80s fashion which is easy to find in a thrift store. He feels like he should’ve have been around during those style eras.

Autry starting thrifting in high school. He wasn’t interested in the clothes that the mall had to offer. He started at Goodwill and has been thrifting ever since.

“I think a lot of people would look cooler if people would give thrifting a chance. It bothers me when people say ‘that’s dirty’ because you’re going to wash the clothes. It’s okay. It’s something I enjoy doing. Be open minded to new things. I think my style really got good when I started thrifting,”Autry said.

When he walks into a thrift store he goes to the men section and starts from the front of the rack and looks at each piece until he gets to the end of the rack. He can spend 30-45 minutes in a thrift store and come out with ten items for under 20 dollars. “I feel like people tell me I go too much. It’s something to do for fun. You can never have too many clothes.” His closet that is about 70-percent thrifted is a reflection of that.

As a fashionable young man in a world that feels the need to put everyone in a box, Autry has had to deal with the stereotypes of a man who dresses well. When Autry was in high school people thought he was gay based on his appearance.

“If you understand how an outfit is supposed to be put together then you must be gay. If you know how to dress you must be gay. Dudes are supposed to be athletes. I don’t agree with that at all,” he said with passion.

Autry said that if someone was to ask him if he’d rather go to a fashion show or a basketball game he would choose the fashion show.

Clothes are something he is passionate about and he doesn’t let people assumptions get in the way of expressing that. Autry feels that the world would be a lot cooler if people went thrift shopping more and embraced the idea of using style to express themselves rather than to impress others. Autry said,“An opinion is an opinion. With clothes it’s about knowing yourself and having your own opinion. If you’re worried about what everyone else is thinking you can’t have your own style. I think that’s the problem. People aren’t bold enough to wear what they want to wear. If you like it you like it if you don’t you don’t.”

Photos by: Cora Davis

Location: Denton, Texas


Hat: $29.99

(Inspired from Tupac in Poetic Justice)

Shirt :Black-long sleave Tee

American Apparel, $2 Goodwill In Houston

Plaid shirt: Eddie Baur, $4 Family Thrift in Houston

Shorts- Levis from Macis $45 (cut them)

Shoes: Air Jordans RetroAirs, Foot locker $160

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 photo IMG_0326-Copy_zps5337a86c.jpg

 photo IMG_0276-Copy_zpsf5d22a69.jpg

 photo IMG_0321-Copy_zpsd6490ba5.jpg

 photo IMG_0280-Copy_zps2ed1fb2e.jpg

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Thrifty Travels

My name is Cora Davis and I am addicted to thrift shopping. There is nothing quite like looking good for less money. Leaving a thrift store with a good find releases endorphins…Okay so I don’t know how true that is. I just know that finding cute clothes that don’t leave me broke feels pretty darn good.

For a while I just stuck to thrifting back home in El Paso or here in Denton. It never really occurred to me to try stopping by a thrift store while I was out of town. Before I left for school, I took a trip to Alpine,Texas to visit a friend at Sul Ross University. She wanted to go show me a few thrift stores and I discovered it is a thrifty heaven!

The people are there even sweeter than the deals I found. Moral of the story: EXPLORE! If you go on a trip try their thrift stores. Every place has something different to offer because different people are donating to each location. Don’t be afraid to stray away from common places like Goodwill and Savers. I found some pretty cool items from places I never would have visited if my friend hadn’t shared these treasure chests with me.

My Favorite Purchases from Alpine

 photo IMG_1676_zpsa9aff11e.jpg

 photo IMG_1679_zps3d6b1bd2.jpg

 photo IMG_1677_zps50532e01.jpg

This cutie is from Big Bend Thrift Store. It came as an outfit with a matching over top.I would never wear the suit together but I saw potential in the pieces separately. The set was $6 total. At first glance the pattern and length were enticing but I wasn’t too sure about the shape. The dress doesn’t have the best hanger appeal. Try not to be afraid of things that look shapeless on the hanger. Every time I see an item that I’m drawn too but not certain about, I try it on. Although it was not expensive it’s still money you’re spending so make sure you like the fit. If the place doesn’t have a dressing room use your imagination as far as items in your own closet you could use to make it work. For example, a belt from your own closet could take a dress from frumpy to dannnnng girl you look good!

 photo IMG_1146_zps9c60c7ec.jpg
I styled the dress with a black belt, and sandals from my own closet. It’s perfect for a Sunday at church with the girls. If I had judged the dress soley on it’s hanger appeal I would have left a super cute dress behind in the store that day.

This shirt was perfect for that summer to fall transition and is still perfect now that it’s cold. It was only $1.50!

 photo IMG_1687_zps1ac497a9.jpg

 photo IMG_1688_zpsef68e13a.jpg

 photo IMG_0627_zps48bb7e4a.jpg

I paired the top with my favorite light blue high waisted shorts from Forever 21. Now that it’s cold I pair it with a cream colored knitted infinity scarf, dark washed jeans, and brown boots. Cute, Comfy, and Cheap? The three C’s that keep my wallet in check.

Last but certainly not least, I found a black and gold necklace and blue and yellow pattered earrings each for $1.50.

 photo IMG_1699_zps5ca2ca34.jpg

 photo IMG_1098_zpsb5dc3c3d.jpg

Interested in stopping by?

Big Bend Thrift Store:

104 W Avenue

Alpine, TX 79830‎

(432) 837-5599

Deja Vu:

611 East Avenue E

North Phelps St.Alpine, TX

79830(432) 837-1522