GeeKon Concert 2014: Adam Warrock

Here are some photos from the GeeKon Concert 2014 of Adam Warrock.  If you have any images from the concert please share them with us.


Geek Art : Zachary Jackson Brown

In our first installment of Geek Art I am going to be telling you about an amazing artist out of North Carolina.  I will be upfront I went to college with this man and was amazed at his art then and he has only grown as an artist since.  Zachary Jackson Brown was born in Concord, North Carolina and have in recent years moved to Raleigh  to work as the 3-Dimensional Art Teacher.  Mr. Brown studied Painting and Drawing at Barton College in Wilson, NC and earned my Bachelors of Science in Art Education.  In my spare time I enjoy nothing more than painting portraits and drawing cartoon/comic characters.  Which brings us to the show and tell portion of this blog post.  Zachary has recently done some work gender swapping Batman Villains that is really awesome in my opinion:

Here is the link to Zach’s Website:  Make sure to go browse his gallery: