The Team

BorgBW Natalie Borg

I was attracted to this project when Eugene told me that he believes that everyone is a geek about something, which is so true!  Who doesn’t love the rush of happiness that they get from passionately sharing the things that they geek out about? (Dementors, maybe?)I believe that our best relationships are built upon shared passions.  When I saw the opportunity to share my passions and connect likeminded geeks with each other, I could not volunteer fast enough.

Some of my areas of geekdom include: sports, Psych (the show and the ology), Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, food, women’s issues, Downton Abbey, Sherlock and travelling.

My responsibilities in the GeeKon crew include writing the “Athlete as Geek” and “Geek Eats” series, captain of Tumblr, and programmatic involvement.  Go explore our sites and get your geek on!

JohnsonBW Eric Johnson

Hello, my name is Eric Johnson and ladies and gentleman I am a geek.  I have known this fact for a very long time in my life.  I like many of you was conditioned to be a geek since childhood without even knowing it.  Growing up my father watched a ton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and my mother watched Xena: The Warrior Princess, so some could say my geekdom has been groomed from my earliest days.  I went through a stage of rebellion against my parents like most kids in high school into college where I questioned my geekiness, only to find solace in a show called Dr. Who.  Ladies and gents yes you read that correctly I ran from my geekiness with more geekiness, needless to say I think I was meant to be here.My Areas of Geekiness: Dr. Who, Sci Fi in General, a general love of Table Top Games, Fantasy Fiction, Drizzit Stories, and Art and Design

StineBW Stacie Stine

Stacie Stine here. I’m self-proclaimed Downton Abbey addict . You can catch me at any coffee shop in Denton nerding out over Fashion or DIY blogs. I’ll talk Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings character development with anyone who’s willing to dive beneath the pages. I read Entertainment Weekly like it’s a textbook because behind-the-scenes commentary is fascinating to me. I have all the old school Anne of Green Gables DVD’s and I am always looking for other people to laugh, cry, and scream with me when I host Anne-athons. If Geeking out about Instagram is a thing, it’s MY thing and there are WAY too many photo-fixing apps on my iphone. I listened to Joy Williams before she was ever a part of The Civil Wars and fell in  love with the band before everyone else did… even though a zillion other people think THEY discovered them first… no, it was me. I don’t geek out about the typical geeky things, but I could talk hours about all of the above, and that, in my opinion, makes me a far out Geekazoid.

McClureBW Sky McClure

Hey, my name’s Sky McClure!  I’d love to tell you a little bit about myself.  I grew up in a small Dallas suburb called Wylie, where I also graduated from in ’07.  After high school, I studied Theatre Arts at The University of North Texas and earned my B.A. in 2011, just before marrying my high school sweetheart, Madi.  Having really enjoyed the higher education experience as an RA, I decided to pursue this field a bit further and am currently taking classes to earn my Master’s degree in Student Affairs at UNT.  Like most of my fellow GeeKon bloggers, I work here at the university as a hall director, and love coming to work every day in an environment where geek culture is not only encouraged, but is also quite rich.  While I consider myself a fan of virtually all things geek, I’m really passionate about science fiction, adventure fantasy, and anything to do with superheroes.  The mantra of my life? With great power comes great responsibility.

ZambranoBW T.J. Zambrano

If I could go into space and use time-travel to go back (or forward far enough…?) and visit dinosaurs, all while watching Toy Story, I’d be happy.

GosdinBW Josh Gosdin

My name is Josh Gosdin and I am a Trekkie. I am also 25, a graduate student, a residence hall director, an English degree-holder, and a husband. But, all of that is neither here nor there. With regards to Star Trek, my education began when I was very young. When I was a kid, my dad stayed at home with me for a little while, during which time my mom was going back to school. While we were hanging out at the house, we would plunk ourselves down in front of the TV and watch VHS tapes of Star Trek my dad had bought or tapes of Star Trek: The Next Generation my dad had recorded on the VCR. My dad used Star Trek to teach me about how to treat others, respect myself, stand up for those who needed it, and always do the right thing (even if it meant breaking the rules). Later, my dad and I formed a weekly ritual we called “Space Spectacular Sunday” which required us to get up early every Sunday, cook a large Southern breakfast, and watch a space-themed movie. We watched everything from The Day the Earth Stood Still to Independence Day, and my love for science-fiction grew. One of my favorite books became 2010: Odyssey Two (though The End of Eternity is also pretty cool). Today, my geekdom is expanding into the fantasy genre (I love me some Harry Potter) and comic book superheroes (I’m really more of a DC guy), but science-fiction will always be first love and Star Trek will always have the greatest adventures.

FrierBW Eugene Frier

My name is Eugene and I geek out about a lot of stuff.  I was born and raised on a tiny Air Force base in England, but moved to Texas when I was 18.  My humble geek beginnings were forged by growing up playing video games (Commodore 64/D128 and then moving on to consoles) and watching geeky movies and TV with my dad (Star Wars, Clash of the Titans, etc.).  Currently, I am most passionate about video games (mainly RPGs), comics, movies, TV shows, and most types of media.  I LOVE the internet and internet culture and spend way too much time on social media sites, imgur, buzzfeed, and other stuff like that.  The major franchises/intellectual properties that I love are Star Wars, Marvel Comics, the Warcraft universe, LOTR, and ASOIAF.  The thread that runs through most of what I am passionate about is the concept of stories.  I love telling stories, hearing stories, and being a part of stories that are deep, rich, and character driven.  I also have a deep love of games and gaming.  When done well, they are not only a tremendous source of fun, but also a great way to engage with other people.  I love getting to share in people’s geeky passions and learn about what others love.


BrownBW Josh Brown

Josh is a gamer and brony that loves quoting movies and making as many pop culture references as possible. He’s also a sucker for crime/procedural shows, and can’t wait for Castle and Sherlock to be back on the air.”

BrownBW  Sarah Shiver

sAhoy!I was born Sarah Rose Shivers in Grapevine, TX. I have lived several places in Texas and Colorado. I received my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a minor in Japanese from the University of North Texas. My large areas of interest and study are Cultural and Biological Anthropology, Linguistics/ Foreign Language (including the fictional ones), Physics, Neuroscience, Art/Cultural education, and Archeology.

If that’s not nerdy enough, my, more so, quote/unquote areas of nerd Dom love include: Comics/ Manga, television (Big Bang, GoT, Sherlock, True Blood, Star Trek, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Smallville, etc.), Movies, Books (fantasy, and supernatural/Sci-Fi, including classics and original gothic horror genres, and non-fiction) and Health and Fitness. As you can tell, I am a collector of information and knowledge. This leads to my diversified interests and led me down the path to becoming an Anthropologist.