About Us

The GeeKon Record’s Manifesto:

We here with the GeeKon Record believe that everyone is a geek at heart. Everyone has that one thing (or several things in some cases) that they love to talk about, share with friends, and geek out about. Come share with us what you like to geek out about and get connected with news, resources, and fellow Denton area geeks!

The GeeKon Record’s Goals:

Our goals with the GeeKon Record are to keep you informed about all the areas of geekdom that we possess, weather that be Star Wars, Comics, Athletics, Food, or DIY projects.   We don’t want to stop there though we truly want to activate your personal geekdom and either provide for you a space to geek out about something or connect you with those that geek out about similar things.  If you are ever interested in having something either you wrote or made a video about on the blog simply let us know at thegeekonrecord@gmail.com.