Thrifty & Thriving

Hello thrifters and future thrifters(I believe in you!),

I hope you have been enjoying “Make it Thrifty”. I will be putting a new spin on it by not only sharing my thrift adventures and favorite purchases but also sharing how to thrive in college. It’s my senior year at UNT and I’ve been through some things! Hopefully my advice will keep you thrifty and thriving.

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Not only was this week pay day, but I discovered Thrift Giant. Not a good combination. Being a college student can make it hard to be cute while not being hungry. Thrift shopping can help you find something to wear that won’t break your budget and leave you some money to buy food on the weekends. Here are a few things that keep me thrifty and thriving:

  • Eating out adds up! Learn to say no. If you know you have enough Ramen noodles and cereal in your room, save your money and stay in. If you’re concerned about missing out on the fun, eat before and go hang out at the restaurant with your friends.
  • Buy food at the grocery store to eat on the weekends. I like to get stuff to make sandwiches. Occasionally I’ll get fancy and buy food to cook a cheap meal like spaghetti.
  • If you and your friends have a meal plan, plan meals together at the cafeteria. You save money and spend money that’s already been spent. If you really want fast food meet up at the food tent. The chicken tender and fries meal is only $2.99 and it’s delicious or keep it fancy with Taco Bell.

With all that money left over from eating out less you’ll have some change left to stop by Denton Thrift. Change is all you’ll need because they have deals every day!


Want more ways to save? Become a member of their text message club! Text the word thrift1 to 40691 (English) or  thrift8 to 40691 (Spanish) to receive notices about in store sales. Receive information about:

• Daily in store promotions-different color tags have specials

• Upcoming 50% Off sales

• Seasonal Items



Looks of the week:

 photo photo3_zpsac593821.jpg

Top: Thrift Giant on sale for $1.50 Jeans: Denton Thrift $4.99 (cut them myself)

 photo photo2h_zps126d11b6.jpg

Dress:Thrift Giant on sale for $1.50

 photo photo4_zpsc729b220.jpg

Pants: Thrift Giant on sale for $2.99

 photo photo1_zps03570739.jpg

Top: El Paso, TX Goodwill $.99 Pants: Thrift Giant $2.99