RA probs

I’m a resident assistant at the beautiful island getaway also known as Victory Hall. I had the pleasure of combining two things I love last Friday. I took my residents to Denton Thrift to teach them the joys and benifits of making thrift shooping a part of their lifestyle.

I called my program “Ballin’ on a Budget”. I’m a firm believer in looking like a million bucks and spending under five.

We loaded the van Friday afternoon and went shopping. I helped one of my girls find some jeans to cut into shorts and helped my self to the treasures in the store.

Everyone came out with something they were happy with. The program gave one of my residents her first thrift shopping experince. She purchased some jeans and a 90s style Tommy Hillfiger polo.

Next semester when I do the program it will include a fashion show in their iteams followed by an open discussion on how to work thrifted iteams into their closets.
It is rare that I wear an outfit that is thrifted head to toe. On my adventure with my residents I found two pieces that complimented each other perfectly!


 photo photo_2_zpsae3b1994.jpg

 photo photo_1_zps1fd93161.jpg

The top was $1.99 and the skirt was 99 cents!

My resident found a dress and paired it with items from her own closet which is the best way to make the items look brand new. She also found some jeans to cut into shorts.

 photo IMG_0038_zps7a41aedb.png

 photo IMG_0995_zps332e1c44.png

Overall we had a successful trip and my residents not only left with insight on thrift shopping but they left with cute clothes for low cost.
 photo photo_4_zpsd52c4279.png


I got to spend time with my girls and do something that I love. RA probs.



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