Poor Man’s Gamer Presents: Strategy is Key Pt. 2, Rymdkapsel

Welcome back to part two of my ‘Strategy is Key’ series of games where I will take through a series of my favorite strategy games.  Next up on our journey is Rymdkapsel a real-time strategy set in space.

Rymdkapsel is Swedish for space capsule and in many ways this title does a very good job at explaining the game for the most part.  You play as a group of spacemen sent out to explore and study monoliths in a deep, dark, forgotten region of space.  You accomplish this goal by gathering resources to extend your space station and recruit more units to your cause.  As you do this you will start to encounter more and more frequent waves of hostiles coming to murder your entire crew.  Once you have researched all four monoliths your job is simply to survive as long as possible.  Death is inescapable.

The game has a very unique and attractive minimalistic graphics style where most units and resources are expressed as simple 2D polygons.  You expand your base through a series of tetrominos that form your corridors and rooms.

Altogether Rymdkapsel is a very, very simple game.  Beyond what I’ve said there’s not much to it.  In a way I think this is part of its appeal.  It is a very easy game to pick up play for a few hours and then set down without having a long-term commitment to some overly complicated story.  In many ways the gameplay reminds me of Dungeon Keeper except simplified which is in no way a black mark on this game, if anything it is an accomplishment worthy of merit.  Rymdkapsel is good for a few playthroughs perhaps a few more if you are one of those people who cannot help but go back to try and beat your old high score.  If you are interested in picking it up you can do so for $7.99.


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