Prints Please

I’m pretty sure that extremely stylish aliens sprinkled fashion dust in all the thrift stores in Austin, Texas because the items I found are out of this world. I only visited two stores but I found wonders in both of them.

There is power in a good print. When I go thrift shopping my eye goes from crazy print to crazy print. I usually won’t pick up any thing that is a solid color unless its a color that stands out. If it’s not printed all over the garment. I like my clothes to have some sort of special detail. Whether it be cool buttons or something embroidered along the bottom of the garment.

Don’t be afraid of a crazy print! By crazy I just mean out of the norm. Anything can be taken down a notch by pairing it with a solid colored item. Like a patterned skirt with a solid colored top.  If you’re more daring have a little fun and pair prints with similar colors together.

Try a print! I double-dog dare you. Here are some of the goodies I found this weekend in Austin.



$4.99 Savers Austin, Texas

Skirt $2.99 Savers Austin, Texas

$2.99 Savers Austin, Texas

Shirt $1.99 Family Thrift

Shirt $1.99 Savers Austin, Texas

Denim Skirt $2.99


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