Poor Man’s Gamer Presents: The Console War

Well here we are again, with yet another of my “Public Service Announcements.”  Today we are joined by my special guest Mr. Josh Brown as we discuss the Console War and all of its contenders.  So join us as we explore what makes each console tick and where we see their potential in lying.

Now as it stands I remain a PC man for the time being.  There’s a lot that a PC still holds over the heads of the consoles, but to spend my time talking about that would warrant another post.  You may have started to think that I am anti-console, but that’s not the case.  As it stands I am very much in favor of a console if it offers certain improvements to the levels of gaming we currently experience, but, as it stands, none of the current contenders seem to do this.  So as for the time being I am very happy to stay at home on my laptop browsing Steam and the Humble Bundle for my next favorite game.

I feel like it’s been quite a while since I actually gave you guys a review, so I’ve decided to put in one with this podcast.  Now this isn’t some random game that I happened to be playing, but a game with quite a few parallels to the console war and the history of video gaming as a whole, it’s a game about making games, though probably not in the way you think, and its name is Game Dev Tycoon.

Game Dev Tycoon starts you off in the early 80s shortly after the Video Game Crash of 1983.  You start off as a single man working out of his garage to develop video games.  Initially your options are severely limited, making games for the early PC and Commodore 64 (an early computer competitor).  The simplest way of explaining how this game works is that you pick a topic, genre, and platform for a game, as well as a title.  From there you take your time choosing how much time to spend on developing different aspects of the game.  As you go you can pick different elements to add into your game like advanced sound and graphics, as well as story and environmental elements.  After you have developed a game you have the option to release it or trash it.  If you release it you will receive the stats on your game’s reviews as well as your sales reports, which can show you certain patterns in developing better games.  As you go you are able to research new and better gaming elements as well as develop your own gaming engines and marketing strategies.  There is no real goal of the game and you are allowed to play it any way you want.  If you want you can focus on making the best game ever, becoming the biggest company you can, or even just surviving ‘til the next console comes out.  An interesting aspect about this game is that it follows actual gaming history and as you progress you will get a chance to develop games for almost any console you can think of, even the ones that may not have lasted too long.  As you do so you will see consoles begin and end abruptly as tastes change to match the current gaming market.

Now this may not be a game for everyone, I mean half of the fun you have in this game stems purely from your imagination and what you choose to make of your games, but like most simulation games there’s fun to be had in creating something new and unique that you can pretend is super awesome.  Game Dev Tycoon costs $9.99 and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It’s a single player adventure that will absorb you for hours on end.  This is why I give it a (4/5) on my 3F Scale.


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