Make It So: Geeks and Arts and Crafts (A Link Round-Up)

Today’s edition of Make It So, the geek-crafting feature here at the GeeKon Record, is not the usual tutorial, but rather a collection of links to all things geeky, artsy, and crafty that I love right now.

Katie Smith's Comic Book Pendant Tutorial
Katie Smith's DIY Touchscreen Gloves Tutorial

Both of the above tutorials come from Katie Smith’s blog, Punk Projects, where she frequently posts crafty DIYs with a geek twist. I especially love those comic book pendants and her easy, inexpensive answer to having to use your touch screen smart phone in cold weather.

A sample of Nan Lawson's work

Now, if you’re not particularly talented at art yourself but still want to had some geeky flair to your home, head over to Nan Lawson’s Etsy shop, where you can buy prints of her lovely art featuring everything from Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to The Royal Tenenbaums and The Smiths.

Melissa Stinson's Star Wars scrapbook layout

Okay, this one might reach a smaller audience. But as a scrapbooker myself, I admire the work of Melissa Stinson and follow her blog, Scrappy Jedi, religiously. As you might have guessed from the title of her blog, Melissa is a self-proclaimed geek and often scrapbooks her geek adventures. This R2 spread, which includes photos from her trip to Star Wars Celebration VI, is just one example of her geeky work. (In addition to posting her pages on her blog, she also has a weekly round-up feature called Geek Girl that I think a lot of you would be interested in!)

Emily Dismukes's Star Trek T-shirt DIY

And here’s one last tutorial, which is one that I did and posted on my personal blog, Oh! Emily Made That over the summer. I love making t-shirts for special events and this one was for the premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Take a look at the instructions for using fabric paint and a stencil to decorate your own geeky shirt. I even included a link to download the stencil I created, if you want to declare your love for lens flares to all the world.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you find some of these links inspiring. And as usual, if you make it so, let me know! I would love to take a look at your geeky projects, so please leave links in the comments. Maybe you’ll end up in a future round-up here!


One thought on “Make It So: Geeks and Arts and Crafts (A Link Round-Up)

  1. Awesome shares! Love me some nerdy artwork.

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