From A to Zelda: Quick Summaries and Pokemon News

Welcome back to From A to Zelda! I’ve been out for a while because college likes to take my sweet, sweet time and taunt me. But alas, I’m back! And if you’re worried that I didn’t have time to play any Nintendo games, never fear; I did play more Nintendo games (this being that I had to play Pokemon Y at 3:00AM after I studied hours on end for exams until the end of the semester, and I played Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds over Christmas break). So before I go to the main entree of this article, I’d like to give you some quick reviews of these games I’ve played.


  • Every Pokemon fan thought the same thing when this was announced: good grief, finally. A 3D Pokemon game where I can MOVE AROUND.
  • The graphics are beautiful and capture the true feeling of the Pokemon experience, with each Pokemon having a very slick and incredible design to them (although they messed up Charmeleon’s face hardcore).
  • The addition of the Fairy-type Pokemon was absolutely necessary. Dragons annoyed me for years until Daenerys Targaryan improved them just a little bit in 2011.
  • However, this game was so. Incredibly. Easy. After the second gym leader, I barely had any trouble beating any other gym leaders, and it really wasn’t any challenge beating the Elite Four. Game Freak took out the challenge of training your Pokemon to actually become the very best, and this game decided to hold your hand and make itself one of the shortest Pokemon adventures to date (it only took me a bit over 12 hours to beat it).
  • And with it being so short, this installment in the Pokemon series lacked the sense of adventure every other Pokemon game took the player through so well. While this game did have a mountain area covered in snow and some caves to explore, there were no unique areas to enjoy new puzzles or get lost in a world affected by the climate (for the best world in the Pokemon series, see Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald).
  • The music is also forgettable, besides the Pokemon encounters, trainer battle music, gym leader battle music, and the Elite Four music (the Champion’s battle song is dumb and she should feel ashamed for fighting to it)).

My overall grade for this game: B+


  • The New Super Mario Bros. games have been a bit disappointing for me in the past few years. I do, however, love Mario games that have nostalgic themes and the Super Mario Galaxy vibe to them.
  • I’ve played a lot of platformers. I consider Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World to be the perfect platformers.
  • This game, which I’ve put in plenty of hours playing, is right up there with those platformers.
  • Incredible, unforgettable multiplayer. This game is sure to give you a great time, whether you’re horrible at Mario games or a regular champ at the series.
  • The game is even sort of difficult from the get-go because they hide some bonus (but important to get to the special levels) stars in the areas. Then it gets supremely difficult towards the end.
  • The game never fails to satisfy. There are worlds that throw back to the original Mario Kart, Super Mario 64 (Dorrie kind of comes back!), and even the original Legend of Zelda game. The music is incredible. The final boss fight is amazing, beautiful, and terrifying because Bowser puts on the cat suit and it is FUELED BY YOUR NIGHTMARES.


  • Also, you can put Rosalina, the Queen of the Freaking Universe, Commander of Galaxies, in a cat suit. It’s beautiful.
  • This game is amazing and you should play it. I haven’t had this much fun with a Mario platformer in a long, long time.

Final grade: A


  • Incredible game
  • Some players have said it’s more difficult than recent Zelda games. I, however, found it to be pretty easy.
  • The graphics and design are amazing. Everything looks exactly how A Link to the Past looked, yet this one does some great work with the 3D aspect added on.
  • Dungeons are short and your attention, therefore, never dies.
  • Shortest Zelda game I’ve played to date, but I’m not going to complain about that. The adventure was worth it.

Final grade: A-

And now there’s some Pokemon news to share.

According to Dual Pixels, some information on new Pokemon games may have recently been leaked. This is the time of year that video game info is usually leaked, and the source that Dual Pixels obtained the information from, Geno, has an incredible record of being accurate about video game leaks, The news he released is as followed:

  • The new games have been dubbed as Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus for now, possibly final.
  • Entirely new region, no name yet.
  • Three new starters with no names.
  • The Water type will evolve into a Water/Steel type. It is a teardrop humanoid that carries a jar with unknown materials inside.
  • The Fire Type will evolve into a Fire/Fairy ram-like creature that also resembles a hot-rod motorcycle with fire coming out of its horns.
  • The Grass type will evolve into a Grass/Electric robot palm tree that has a different face on each palm. Yes. A ROBOT PALM TREE.
  • Dual-type gyms will now be in the game (finally).
  • The legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Plus will be a Psychic/Ground Shi Foo Lion that has multiple faces, and the Pokemon Minus legendary will be a Ghost/Fairy type that has two dashes for eyes and is a hurricane-like appendage with many arms and hands.
  • There will be a new Pokemon type, and it may finally explain Shiny Pokemon (do I foresee Light type Pokemon being a thing?!).

Being a fan of Pokemon since I got the special Pikachu edition for Christmas 1999, I’ve stood beside the series loyally and think each game has its own vibe going for it. Many people my age nowadays look upon the new games with disgust, and with every release I hear the same thing I’ve been hearing for three years straight: “Ugh. A Pokemon that’s a chandelier? An ice cream cone? There’s a Pokemon that can change into a lawn mower and a refrigerator? And now there’s a Pokemon that’s actually just a keychain?! Where did the creativity go?!”

I’m actually really excited for what Pokemon is doing and believe that the absurd Pokemon they’re creating is only helping their business. Pokemon is only going to improve if they continue on the path they’ve been on these past few years. The Pokemon “purists” (as fans like to call people who can’t count to 152) are also forgetting that the original games had some pretty wonky Pokemon designs, too. Voltorb is just a Poke Ball with eyes. Farfetch’d is a duck with a stick. Jynx was racist as hell. Rattata is ONLY A PURPLE RAT. WOW, CREATIVITY.

I could go on and on about how the original games have their flaws, but that’s for another time. It should be noted, however, that I do love the original games, I just hate that the new games get so much flack because of them.

What do you think about this Pokemon news? Are you as excited as I am? Leave a comment and start some conversations down below! I’d love to talk about Pokemon (or anything Nintendo, really), with you!


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