playing games from the 90’s on your mac (free)

So this is Eric and I am going to post this because simply put I want to play DinoPark Tycoon when I get home.


I’ve been spending the past few weeks looking for old games I played when I was six; games like SimCity 2000, SimFarm and SimTower. After fumbling through the Internet like a blind rat in a maze, I managed to be able to play them all (legally). I decided to write a short blog post on how to play those games. 

Short version

  1. Download Boxer
    Just open the zip file and tada! you’ve got Boxer.
  2. Head down to Abandonia
    Search for the game (e.g. DinoPark Tycoon) you want and download it.
    Make sure it’s compatible with dos boxImage
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Import the game
    Open Boxer and drag the unzipped folder onto “import a new game”
  5. Install the game
    The installer is usually something like “setup.bat” or “install.bat”, so just click “launch installer” and follow the instructions.
    The installer is sometimes an .exe file.
  6. Play the game
    You can access…

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