Pop Art Cupcakes

Once Upon A Nerdy Eater

I have a real love of Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art. It combines 50s iconography and comic strips. How could I not love it? 🙂

I have included an example below. It’s one of his most famous works, Drowning Girl.


So when my friend said she wanted to try out a make up look in the style of this pop art work, I jumped at the chance. I honestly didn’t care if I was going be wearing said make up or just seeing how it was done. I was too excited at the prospect of either.

My mind went into overdrive, as always, and I kept thinking of different crafts I could do in this style. I was so hyped up on doing something “Pop-Art”y.

I always make cakes when I go see my friend. She loves them and I love making them so it works out nicely lol 🙂 I…

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