Make It So: Baking Bad

As you probably know if you’ve been anywhere near the Internet lately, the TV show Breaking Bad ended its final season recently. (I’ll go ahead and say right here that the following post contains NO SPOILERS!) Since season 5 started back up again earlier this year, I’ve been spending my Sunday nights with a group of friends, hanging out, eating pizza and seeing what new shenanigans Walt and the gang are getting up to. These mini-parties are often the highlight of my week, so when the finale was upon us, I wanted to do something special in celebration. For Chantelle (one of my Breaking Bad Buddies) and I, that could only mean one thing:

Time to bake.

We used box white cake mix, vanilla icing, blue and green food coloring, regular sugar to top the blue cupcakes and white decorating icing to decorate the green ones.

We divided the batter from one box of cake mix (we used white cake because it was the most neutral base for the food coloring) into two bowls and added green to one and blue to the other. We did the same with one can of icing.

We baked the cupcakes like normal. We happened to have an awesome pan that made square cupcakes, so we used that for the green ones, but the blue ones went into regular aluminum cups.

Once they baked, we let them cool and then got to icing and decorating. Chantelle leveled the tops of the green cupcakes, iced them green and then decorated them with quotes and phrases from the show:

And I did the blue ones, iced blue with sugar topping (I colored the sugar with blue food coloring and added a few drops of water so it would clump up a little). You can also use crushed blue hard candy, like they use on the show to stand in for the drugs the characters make.

We were really proud of how they came out, and our friends all loved them. I know it’s too late now to throw a finale watching party, but these would be perfect for a Breaking Bad Birthday (if you do themed parties) or a companion while you marathon the show on Netflix (which I’m sure many of you will be doing eventually).

As always, if you make it so, let me know! Leave a comment so I can check out your geeky crafts.


One thought on “Make It So: Baking Bad

  1. very creative . i am definitely going to try this ! R.i.p. breaking bad 😦

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