PMG Presents: A Puppy Games Retrospective

I’m gonna take a break this week from a giant post on a handful of super fun and super complex games because to be perfectly honest I am super tired.  So instead I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite developers/publishers of super fun, super simple, super beautiful video games: Puppy Games.

Puppy Games does one thing and they do one thing really well.  They make retro throwback games that look great and work on absolutely everything.  Currently they have four games out each of with details a different genre and type of gaming.  Each game uses a different mechanic or play style which I will detail further on.  The mechanic is always simple enough to grasp, but not simple enough to make the game too easy or boring.  The graphics in the game are beautiful, caught somewhere between neon rainbow and 8-bit pixels, and looking unique and refreshing compared to other games.  Because of how simple they are, there is an immense amount of replayability in all of these games, making them all gems.

The first game I would like to talk about is called Revenge of the TitansRevenge of the Titans is a tower defense game where you fight giant monsters (Pacific Rim style) with giant guns and turrets.  Though the game is a tower defense, the monsters do not move on any set path and seem to wander naturally, much in the way you would expect a real alien monster to.  As you go you can pick out different upgrades to change the way you kill the alien monsters.  The game goes on for quite a little ways and can take up a good deal of time.

The second game is a revamp of the arcade classic Space Invaders, called Titan AttacksTitan Attacks takes the basic Space Invaders backbone and updates the graphics and the gameplay.  Most of the game is just shooting down UFOs but there are occasional bonus levels and bosses to kill.  After each level you will get the chance to buy upgrades for your tank (I’m gonna guess the thing you shoot aliens with is a tank), subsequently trying to gain an advantage over the alien attackers as they also getter harder, better, faster, stronger.  This game echoes with fun times had at the pizza parlor playing out of date arcade games until you run out of quarters or its time to leave.  Though the gameplay principles in Titan Attacks are simple you will not get bored, you will continue to play trying to take the fight back to Titan (where the aliens are from).  This is not a game to play for a quick two seconds.  Once you start you can only stop playing when you win or die.

Next on my list of Puppy Game games is Droid Assault.  In Droid Assault you play as a robot who is rebelling against the other robots or something…  Maybe you’re a robot who’s been infected by some weird computer virus that makes you noncompliant and you just like infecting others or something…  Either way you are part of a group of robots that fight other robots by taking over other robots and adding them to your “army.”  As you go you can possess other robots adding them to your group of robots and using them to shoot and kill enemy robots.  You make your way through the levels taking over stronger and stronger robots, upgrading them along the way (if you haven’t noticed Puppy Games are into the whole upgrade system).  You progress by killing/infecting all the enemies in the level and occasionally fighting a giant boss.  Each little robot has its own stats and firepower which make some incredibly more useful than others.  It also means that you’ll occasionally find some droids which are better used as fodder for enemy fire.  Things can get kinda congested later on when you have a team of eight robots, six of which are useless and get in your way, and two of which are constantly under threat of death from enemy attacks.  As you get to these larger groups you can find that the weaker and more numerous robots can often get in your way.  As you play you will find that there are two ways to go about Droid Assault.  The first way is the easy and dumb way where you take over any robot that looks cool and only upgrade your strongest robot at any time.  The second way is where you manage your team, upgrading them all for the long haul and only taking over robots that will help round off your team.  Either way you will have loads of fun.

The last game I have for you is Ultratron.  Now I’m a little more familiar with the lore behind Ultratron, so I shouldn’t just ramble around for a while.  Apparently you are the very last human in a world dominated by robots, so to get your revenge you put your brain inside of a war robot and go gun down huge hordes of robots.  Oh, did I mention there were ROBOTS?!?  Well there are lots of robots and by lots I mean never ending waves of robots, like crazy amounts of robots.  And what you do is run around a square arena shooting down robots while avoiding their gun blasts.  As you go you collect money that you use to buy upgrades!  HOORAY!  As you progress you will eventually find bonus levels and bosses.  I will say this game in particular is very addicting.  The last time I played I told myself that I would only play until the first boss and then I would stop…  Well two bosses and forty-five minutes later I had to make myself stop because, to be perfectly honest, I could have kept playing until I died or won.  I just got lost in this game.

As a final note let me talk to you about the prices of these games; each game costs $9.99 on Steam, or $29.99 as a package of all four.  I will admit that this is a little steep for any of these games.  These games are fun and really interesting but they are in no way the best games in the world or the most unique, but they are fun and they remain fun for hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks, months and months, etc. and etc.  So I will recommend that if you do decide to buy these games you should wait until they go on sale because any kind of discount on $10 will make them super affordable.


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Also my camera did a thing and got blurry? That was weird.

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