New Super Luigi U Actually Stressed Me Out (But Not Really)

First off, let me apologize for talking about a platformer again on my second post for From A to Zelda, but it’s actually a game I’ve just finished so I’lll just write about it while it’s fresh on my mind. New Super Mario Bros. U was, you know, a fun game and all, and I enjoyed it as much as I could. It’s just that while it’s fun to bring all those retro-esque formulas that make a Mario game a, well, Mario game, I couldn’t bring myself to absolutely love it after the fun that was New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, yada, yada, yada, you get me. This week, however, my dad dropped twenty bucks in my bank account and told me to buy the Mario U DLC available on the Wii U store with the generous gift (THANKS DAD YOU’RE THE BEST I’LL MAKE YOU PROUD). I searched through the store to try to find it, which to be honest was really difficult to find because Nintendo did this thing where you have to have Mario U in your console, you have to activate the game, you have to open the store through the game, then you can download it. Cool, thanks, Nintendo. So I found it, and there it was fifteen minutes later, downloaded to my system: New Super Luigi U.

In case you don’t know about it, we live in a very special year. No, it’s not the Chinese year of the rabbit. Not the year that Obama was re-inaugurated into office. No my friends, we are in the year of Luigi, and you better respect that. The year of Luigi is Nintendo’s latest marketing strategy to get gamers to buy their stuff, basically. First they came out with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (which is a FANTASTIC game, by the way, and I might write something about it), and other than that they’ve just been saying “The Year of Luigi” a lot. But then they released this DLC pack, which has the exact same map as the original Mario U, but all of the levels have different designs. That’s pretty cool; I can dig dropping a third of the price for what is essentially the same game that this DLC comes from. I was kind of dreading being down about the game the same way that I was with Mario U, but I marched forward and pressed the A button to activate World 1, Stage 1. Then I heard it.

I only had 100 seconds to complete the level. Waddlewings were flying to me from every direction. Oh no. How do I get out of this.

My roommate watched in fear as I kept losing lives and my ultimate demise rang closer. Neither of us could believe it. A Mario game proved proved itself to be a challenge. Well, until it didn’t.

I got used to Luigi’s mechanics and then started wrecking shop again. He jumps higher, stays in the air longer, and his traction is less tractiony than Mario’s, but other than that, it’s a Mario game. They’re ultimately the same? So I played, I conquered, I got all the star coins, then beat all the secret worlds. Other than the levels only being 100 seconds each and the mechanics changing, the game proved itself to be just another carbon copy of Mario U. However, I did enjoy playing as Luigi more than I did Mario, and that’s not only because Luigi is my favorite video game character ever, but his mechanics did make things easier to get to AND proved to be a challenge at some points at the same time. I would actually prefer to just play Luigi U if it were the exact same length as Mario U. Can we due the color scheme marketing ploy that Pokemon has been doing for the fast sixteen years, please?

Final thoughts on this game: yeah, I liked it. I liked it more than Mario U because it was a bit more difficult and not so boring for me to play. I just wish that they would have released it as its own game rather than an add-on so I could have actually had more time (and maybe not have beaten it so fast?) with the game. And I mean, c’mon, it’s the year of Luigi. Everything needs to star Luigi. Even Grand Theft Auto. How dare they release that during the year of Luigi and try to steal his spotlight.


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