Athlete As Geek: Maurice Jones-Drew (NFL Running Back)

Athlete as Geek is meant to highlight the passions that athletes have away from their sports, so this edition of Athlete as Geek may come as a surprise to some. This week, to celebrate the start of the NFL preseason, Athlete as Geek is highlighting Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who shares a sport-related passion with millions of people throughout the world. Jones-Drew, professional football player, is a proud fantasy football fanatic. Jones-Drew co-hosts Runnin’ With MJD a two-hour show on Saturday evenings on Sirius XM that focuses on fantasy football strategy. Jones-Drew has also appeared on the fantasy-football themed sitcom, The League, thus further ingraining him in the fantasy football culture.

Jones-Drew annually manages multiple fantasy football teams and is known to occasionally draft himself. MJD’s triple life as a professional athlete, fantasy athlete and fantasy team owner could be seen to cause conflict or could be seen as an extra motivator, depending upon the perspective of the observer. How many fantasy owners would love to directly influence the outcome of their matchup? Answer, all. Jones-Drew is living the life that every fantasy owner dreams of and that every geek can appreciate. As a professional athlete and fantasy-football fanatic, Jones-Drew gets to live fully in his passions every day. Who wouldn’t want that?


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