The greatest trip ever aka the four days I blew up my own Facebook feed #SDCC

San Diego Comic Con.  I have heard called a lot of names before.

Geek Mecca

Nerd Prom


It is a place that, since I first learned of its existence, I have wanted to attend.  So much news comes out of SDCC each year, it is staggering.  I have legitimately taken time off work in the past to keep up with the coverage on G4TV (RIP Attack of the Show), IGN, and a host of other outlets.  I have never been to a convention before, so I did not expect to have my first one be one of the biggest.

This one was extra special to me though since I was not only a first time attendee, I was also lucky enough to be on a panel called geekED: Celebrating geeks in education.  In addition to presenting, I got to experience the SDCC joys of standing in a great many long lines, I was able to see some amazing panels, and I was lucky enough to meet some pretty amazing celebrities.

Over the next few weeks, please join me as I recap for you, my dear GeeKon Record reader, what all I experienced when I made this most holy of trips.


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